Thursday, August 5, 2010

My competition speech... (or my proudest 86 seconds with a microphone)

The speech component of the competition specified that contestant speeches not exceed two minutes in duration.  Not being one to lack for things to say, here is the speech I gave on Friday, July 23, 2010.  (Note... this speech was edited down from the original sixteen page oratory I had originally penned.)

"Honoured judges... Ladies and gentlemen... SIRS and fellow boys...
I won the title of Eastern Canada Leather boy 2010 back in February.  Since that time, I've been publicly stripped naked, tied-up, beaten, flogged, kicked, punched, electrocuted and set on fire.  It's been a great freakin' year!  Now I'm in San Francisco (my first time in your beautiful city), and I'm surrounded by a sea of hot Leather Men.  It's like I've won the grand prize in the "Gay Man's Make-A-Wish Foundation".
I was telling a friend of mine at work that I was really nervous about this competition.  She said, "Why?  Is that because there's actually going to be other people competing this time?"
(yeah... she's a bitch)
I told her I was nervous, because I remember a time--not so long ago--when the thought of being in front of a room full of Leather Men would have scared the shit out of me.  Since then, I've come to know that ours is a community based on loyalty, respect, and dignity.  
I am honoured to be here with you today.  I am proud to say that my name is Ian; and I am a Leather boy.

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